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While devastating for the region, the Canterbury earthquakes have created a unique opportunity to revisit the way education is delivered in greater Christchurch in the future.

The challenge is in developing a way forward that will not only lift education outcomes and deliver on community needs, but will also be innovative and cost-effective.

We were keen to hear what you thought about the future direction of education in greater Christchurch being proposed in the draft Education Renewal Recovery Programme.

The Ministry of Education also hosted community forums as part of the consultation.

We were looking for your comments on the overall direction for education – from early childhood education to tertiary, and how it should be delivered in future. But while decisions on land and buildings and where people live are still being made, it is too early to talk about which school or ECE service is needed where.

We also provided some resource material, including maps and background information, to help you better understand the situation we find ourselves in and to help inform your comments.

Consultation closed on 31 May 2012.

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