My school is closing or merging

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If your school is to close or merge, we have a range of resources available to help you with the transition:

For general questions see the frequently asked questions about schools merging page or the frequently asked questions about schools closing page.

Next steps if your school is closing or merging

Timeline and processes for decisions

This will give you an indication on what happens in the year following a closure or merger decision

Appointment of a change manager and residual agent

A change manager and residual agent has been or will be appointed after final decisions to close or merge. The change manager will work with the Board to develop a timeline and approach for implementing the decision.

Visit the change managers, residual agents and governance facilitators page for more details on these roles for:


Some funding is created from the savings made available by the closure or merger of schools. It will be to support the ongoing education of the students whose schools are closing or merging.

Download the funding document EDI and JSIF funding for:

Enrolment of students in new schools

Enrolment schemes

These exist so all students can access a ‘reasonably convenient school’ in relation to where they live. Special temporary enrolment schemes are put in place immediately following final decisions for schools to close so parents have certainty about where they can enrol their children.

Review of Enrolment schemes

These are likely to be reviewed in 2014. The Ministry will work with the Boards of schools where enrolment schemes are required to change so that these are implemented in a timely way.

Information for staff and boards

For final decisions announced in May:

For final decisions for Aranui and New Brighton schools:

Support for staff parents and students

For final decisions announced in May:

For final decisions for Aranui and New Brighton schools:

Aranui community campus consultation

The Minister announced in September 2013 that a new community campus will be established on the current Aranui High School site with year 1-13 schooling, and will open at the start of term one 2017. This means Aranui High, Aranui School, Avondale School and Wainoni School will close on 27 January 2017.

Further consultation on the community campus will begin after the announcement and give the whole community the chance to develop an exciting vision for the organisation of the campus and the services and facilities it will provide for the benefit of students and the wider community. The Aranui Community Leadership Group will be established to lead the consultation, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the education community. Applications will be open from 12 to 27 September.

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