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The recovery and rebuild of greater Christchurch offers a unique opportunity to build the most modern schooling network in the country.

As well as responding to the current environment, the Ministry’s plans take into account the projected growth and future needs of the city, and broader decisions being made about the overall future of Christchurch.

While responding to the most urgent repairs is a priority, the Government is committing $1 billion over the next ten years to revitalise the network in a way that supports new and innovative teaching and capitalises on the latest technology.

Recognising that schools are a focal point of communities means that data on the status of land, buildings, demographic change, services and facilities is coupled with extensive school community consultation to ensure our programme of work meets the needs of the local schooling networks.

Read more in Opportunities plus Innovation [PDF; 1.4mb] and watch the below video to learn more about the proposed modern schools environment.

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