Renewal decisions

Given the scale of change and investment needed, it is not feasible to simply repair existing buildings. Instead we have an opportunity to provide new and improved facilities that will reshape education, improve the options and outcomes for learners, and support greater diversity and choice.

The Education Renewal Plan for Greater Christchurch supports this with a whole of network approach. Accordingly, schools and early childhood education services have been grouped into Learning Community Clusters.

Working with clusters provides opportunities to engage parents and learners in the renewal proposals developed for some schools and the educational options that align with their needs, interests, values and aspiration.

On top of this it enables parents and communities to play a significant role in identifying the type of education provision that will best meet their needs as part of an education community.

Clustering services in this way will also help government understand and monitor the bigger picture for that particular educational community, including the welfare and housing situation.

As part of the overall plan for education renewal, proposals for 38 schools in greater Christchurch to close or merge were announced in September 2012. These proposals took into account earthquake damage, roll numbers, weather tightness, the age and wear and tear of buildings, population movement and future population growth, school locations and how we can create more modern schools with great new facilities.

Extensive consultation with schools and communities shaped subsequent interim decisions and final decisions.

In summary:

  • 14 schools received decisions to stay open on their current sites
  • 11 schools received decisions to merge, which will create five merged schools
  • 11 schools received decisions to close
  • Two schools chose to voluntarily close

In addition, a new year 1-13 community campus will be established in the Aranui area, in consultation with the community.

There will be ongoing engagement with the sector and community throughout the renewal journey.

Secondary schools

In October 2013, the Minister of Education announced decisions for secondary schools as part of the Government’s education renewal plans for greater Christchurch.

In summary:

  • the existing secondary school network will be retained and there will be no closures or mergers.
  • two schools – Avonside Girls High School and Shirley Boys High School – will be relocated and rebuilt.
  • support for the secondary school principals’ vision to raise achievement across greater Christchurch secondary schools.
  • more than $400 million will be invested to support secondary school education renewal.

Find out more about the decisions for secondary schools.

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