CERA Recovery Strategy

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Education is clearly a key to greater Christchurch’s recovery.

It strengthens communities and gives young people the skills with which to build careers, secure rewarding jobs, and contribute to the economy.

Tertiary education supports businesses through research and knowledge transfer.

As a business, international education is a major contributor to the local economy.

Planning for educational facilities needs to take account of – and inform decisions relating to – the transport network and infrastructure.

The impacts of decisions concerning the education network will be felt across greater Christchurch and in every aspect of the recovery.

The Education Renewal Recovery Programme supports the various recovery plans and programmes that sit under and contribute to the Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch.

It is most closely linked to the Economic, Social and Built Recovery Plans and the Labour Market Recovery Programme.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Strategy aims to provide “a road map for ensuring the success of Christchurch for recovery and future leadership in earthquake resilience”.

This Strategy is a statutory document being developed under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011.

The Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch is available to view on the CERA website.

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