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A detailed programme of engagement is being developed to support discussions already underway with early childhood education centres and schools, and the wider community, including specific educational services and organisations.

The engagement schedule provides an overview of the proposed timeline.

The three phases – Restore, Consolidate, Rejuvenate incorporate:

  • Governance and management support – to ensure high levels of learner achievement and staff wellbeing
  • Property – maintenance and capital expenditure to support the teaching and learning environment

Consultation on closures and mergers may begin as early as November 2012 where schools voluntarily select this option.

Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Schedule: A

Greater Christchurch Education Renewal engagement schedule: A

Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Schedule: B

Image showing timeline for Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Schedule: B.

In addition to the range of engagements and consultations required to progress the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Plan, we will be facilitating community meetings and a range of tailored workshops and forums to provide an opportunity for engagement on key topics.

This will provide an opportunity for interested parties and members of the wider community to provide more details around their thoughts for the future design of education facilities across greater Christchurch.

This thinking will support the development of standardised building designs to expedite renewal as confirmed during consultation.

Advisory Boards have also been established to support ongoing community input into education renewal.


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