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The Rejuvenate category focuses on nine learning community clusters of schools, a number located in the east of Christchurch that have experienced the greatest damage to facilities and sites, and the most significant level of people movement, both decline and growth.

The Ministry of Education will formally consult with these clusters and their communities on the possible shape of future education provision.

This will include providing detailed information on the issues and options affecting each individual cluster for community consideration.

Boards will formally consult with their communities where closures or mergers are indicated.

This category provides the greatest opportunity to explore some of the innovative options, such as a single education campus that could bring together early childhood education services, schools and tertiary providers, confirmed through the consultation on the Education Renewal Recovery Programme.

Check out the engagement schedule for further details.

State integrated and independent schools located within these clusters will be involved in discussions around the future shape of provision within their education communities.

A separate discussion will also be held with all state secondary schools, who are largely grouped into this category, around secondary provision going forward.

Inclusive education, enhanced Māori provision, and technology are reflected as layers of provision that run across all clusters across the entire network.

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