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We are acutely aware the impact of the decisions we make in the wake of the traumatic events of 2010 and 2011 will be felt not only by today’s children, but by future generations.

And not just by individuals, but by the community.

If we can reshape educational opportunities to engage the full diversity of our learners, then we will maximise our human potential, give greater Christchurch a distinctive set of advantages – social, cultural, and economic – to ensure greater prosperity through education.

The Education Renewal Recovery Programme describes the context for change and key issues facing the education network – from early childhood through schooling, tertiary and international education – in the wake of the earthquakes, and will guide the future direction of education in greater Christchurch.

It synthesises a wealth of feedback, and outlines future directions for renewal.

It also cements the establishment of Advisory Boards tasked with guiding the process of renewal.

We invite you to read this document which has informed the plan for renewal that will improve the delivery of education, extend the options available for learners, and lift student achievement.

Read about the immediate and subsequent steps in Christchurch and what the education system looks like now.

The Education Renewal Recovery Programme complements and contributes to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority’s Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch.

Download: Education Renewal Recovery Programme (PDF;  881kb)


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