Consultation is a vital part of our education renewal work in greater Christchurch.

A detailed programme of engagement with early childhood education services, schools and the wider community, including specific educational services and organisations, supports all of our renewal discussions.

The engagement schedule provides an overview of the upcoming and previous engagement.

The decision making process around school closures and mergers in the greater Christchurch schooling network has involved extensive consultation. In September 2012 we announced proposals affecting 38 schools. This meant out of 215 schools in the region, 177 were not affected.

After extensive consultation, by September 2013 all schools had received final decisions and two opted to close voluntarily.

We will continue to facilitate community meetings and provide opportunities for feedback on key topics. In 2012 this included a series of workshops and youth forums to inform the design of education facilities across greater Christchurch. In 2013, the Aranui Community Leadership Group, made up of local community members, will be leading consultation on the new Aranui community campus. Read more about the consultation on the engagement schedule page.

Advisory Boards have also been established to support ongoing community input into education renewal.

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