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School environments influence teaching and learning and as these practices have changed over the past 20 years, our school environments also need to change.

A lot of the schools across greater Christchurch were built in the 1950’s and are still representative of that era. Their rigid design makes them difficult to adapt to new ways of delivering education.

21st century schools need environments that support collaborative communication styles that extend across different year groups.

They need appropriate physical infrastructure, environments and ICT that support learners needs.

We’re already creating modern schools across the county and now there’s an opportunity to apply that new thinking and development as part of education renewal.

You can have a say in how 21st century schools develop in greater Christchurch.

Please give us your thoughts on what modern learning environments could look and feel like by completing the Design Forum Questionnaire.

Forums aimed to show case current modern leaning environments, and to ask for feedback from attendees on what they would like to see in the new facilities that will be built across greater Christchurch as part of the revitalization of the network following the Canterbury earthquakes were also held in 2012.

You may also wish to learn more.

What does modern learning environments mean? (pdf, 489kb)

Frequently asked questions (pdf, 585kb)

Online questionnaire

Hingaia movie clip
Clip 1 – Hingaia Peninsula School

Porirua movie clip
Clip 2 – Porirua College

Normal Intermediate movie clip
Clip 3 – Auckland Normal Intermediate School

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