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The following documents have been produced by and for Youth Futures Canterbury, setting out some of the issues we face and describing some of our responses.

Education and business in Christchurch (PDF; 1.2MB) Transitions and work-integrated learning (DOC; 160KB) Priority Learners and the Labour Market (PDF; 160KB) What our young people are doing (PDF; 300KB) What our young people are doing (PDF; 2.5MB) The education system and the earthquakes (DOC; 200KB) The youth landscape in Christchurch (PPTX; 900KB) The demand for skilled construction workers (PDF; 200KB) NEET in Christchurch September 2011 (DOCX; 17KB) A skilled construction workforce (PPT; 380KB) Effects of the earthquakes on 2010 NCEA results (DOCX; 50KB) Transitions literature review (DOC; 440KB) The profile of unemployment beneficiaries in Christchurch (DOC; 140KB) Long term and permanent departures (DOCX; 70KB) NEET in Christchurch June 2011 (DOCX; 22KB)

Read more about the research and analyses relevant to the work of Youth Futures Canterbury and others working in the areas of education and youth transitions in Canterbury.

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