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To support a whole of network approach, schools and early childhood education (ECE) services have been grouped into ‘learning community clusters’ with other education providers located in similar geographic areas. In addition, there are seven specific provision learning community clusters that have been established across greater Christchurch. They are Catholic schools, Christian schools, Intermediate and Middle schooling,  Māori medium, Secondary schooling, Special Education and Technology.

You can find out what cluster your school or ECE service comes under in this chart [PDF].

The geographical cluster groupings for schools have been highlighted on this cluster map. The cluster groupings for the 32 ECE services on school sites within greater Christchurch are indicated on this cluster map.

You can also find information around educational achievement, land, building and roll data on each of the cluster profiles below.

Specific information on renewal decisions for schools to close or merge can be found on the interim decisions and final decisions pages and the relevant cluster pages below.

Learning Community Clusters

Specific provision clusters


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