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The purpose of the Christchurch Pasifika Advisory Board is to assist the Ministry of Education in future development, implementation, promotion and monitoring of the process of education renewal in greater Christchurch. A vital part of this will be considering progress in implementing the Pasifika Education Plan.

Renewal is designed to develop greater Christchurch as a leading education community positioned to set new standards of excellence in teaching, learning and research. The extent of damage and population movement following the earthquakes will require investment to revitalise and reshape education for improved outcomes and opportunities for all learners. For the Pasifika Advisory Board (PAB) our focus will be our Pasifika learners.

To support this, the Pasifika Advisory Board is being established to engage local leaders and experts to drive key aspects of the renewal work and ensure a strong Pasifika influence.

The Pasifika Advisory Board brings together representatives from Pasifika education and community organisations, all of whom have had strengths and experience in all levels of the education sector and have an understanding of the needs of Pasifika learners and different communities in greater Christchurch.

  • Ataga’i Esera QSM, founder member and treasurer of P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A, a Pacific Women’s community organisation
  • Tufuga Lagatule ONZM, cultural advisor to the Ministry of Social Development and Child, Youth and Family
  • Pauline Luafutu–Simpson, Pacific Advisor for Postgraduate and International students, University of Canterbury
  • Reverend Fitifiti Luatua, elder Minister in the Pacific Island Presbyterian Church
  • Ruta McKenzie, national executive member for the Sosaiete Aoga Amata Samoa i Aotearoa Incorporated (SAASIA)
  • Poe Kairua, at Kidsfirst Portsmouth St Kindergarten, Aranui
  • Tony Fakahau, CEO, Pacific Trust Canterbury
  • Leali’ie’e Tufulasi Taleni, President, Christchurch Pasifika Teachers Association
  • Mamaitaloa Sagapolutele, Rowley Avenue School
  • Ali’imuamua Sia Batcheler, President, Christchurch Association for Samoan language teachers
  • Maria Frew, Opawa School
  • Leatuavao Pelenato Petelo, Komiti Pasifika national executive member, Post Primary Teachers’ Association
  • Maria Lemalie, Christchurch Pasifika Cultural Festival
  • Earl Simpson, South Island Manager, Whanau Ora (Pasifika) at Pacific Trust Canterbury
  • Sam Uta’i, South Island representative, Association of Pacific Staff in Tertiary Education
  • Liz Keneti, Pacific Development Team Leader, University of Canterbury
  • Siale Faitotonu, Programme Supervisor for Tongan Study Support Centre, University of Canterbury
  • Riki Welsh, Pacific Projects Co-ordinator, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, Director for the Office of Pacific Excellence, University of Canterbury
  • Amanaki Misa, South Island Manager, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs

Terms of reference

The Board will provide expert advice to the Minister of Education, the Secretary for Education and the Ministry of Education on the Pasifika Education Plan and its renewal programme.

This is a reciprocal partnership.

The Board will:

  • Represent and promote Pasifika identities, languages and cultures and ensure a strong Pasifika focus throughout the renewal process
  • Bring the Pasifika perspectives of the Pasifika community, early childhood services, schools, tertiary providers, the business sector as part of the implementation of the Pasifika Education Plan and the Renewal programme
  • Work with the Ministry to consult and inform the Pasifika community about decisions that affect Pasifika learners.
  • Identify gaps in the current system that affect Pasifika peoples and opportunities for innovation and intervention
  • Encourage the development of collaboration and partnerships across the education sector to promote achievement for Pasifika learners
  • Work with the Education Advisory Board and Mātauraka Mahaanui – the Waitaha Advisory Board
  • Complement the work of the Ministry and particularly its dedicated Ministry taskforce which is being established to drive the renewal programme
  • Receive information and advice on the Ministry’s future programmes of work

The Ministry will:

  • Acknowledge the value and the expertise that the PAG bring to the partnership by adequately resourcing the PAB to come together to consult with the necessary groups and communities as required.
  • Inform and include the PAB to in the conception, design and strategic development and appropriate decision making in developing a Pasifika focus throughout the Renewal Strategy for greater Christchurch.
  • Continue to develop its staff’s cultural competencies to work with Pasifika communities, and to ensure the Ministry is able to support the tasks set in the renewal plan and Pasifika Education Plan, as agreed and recommended by the PAB.

The Ministry’s meetings with the Pasifika Advisory Board may include discussions about how the Ministry can support individual schools and/or clusters to meet the needs of their Pasifika learners.

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